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Below are some of the more recent reviews about Firezza taken from magazines and websites.
Gourmet pizza delivery London
020 72 23 55 35
SW4 SW8 SW11 SW12
020 88 70 70 70
SW15 SW17 SW18 SW19
Islington & City
020 73 59 74 00
N1 N5 N7 N16 WC1 EC1 E8 EC2
020 89 94 94 94
W3 W4 W6 W12
Herne Hill
020 77 37 80 00
SW2 SW9 SE5 SE15 SE22 SE24 SE21 SE23 SE 27
Notting Hill
020 72 21 00 20
W2 W8 W9 W10 W11
020 73 70 22 55
SW3 SW5 SW6 SW7 SW10 W14
Crouch End
020 83 41 00 99
N4 N6 N8 N10 N15 N19
Willesden Green
020 84 59 33 11
NW2 NW3 NW6 parts of NW10 NW11
Canary Wharf
020 79 87 77 22


“The best take-away pizzas, bar none”, thanks to their “wonderful, crisp, thin bases” and “yummy” toppings;”

(Harden’s 2012)

"We won it again this year “WINNER regional pizza delivery chain 2010-PAPA industry award"

”GOLD AWARD WINNER Pizza Delivery Chain 2009-PAPA Industry Awards"

“Find me a better pizza delivery service!”; these “brilliant” take-away win many raves for their “fantastic bases and delicious toppings.” (Harden’s 2010)

“A bona fide taste of Italy the pizzas had a to-die-for thin base, piled high with fresh, flavoursome toppings” MATCHBOX MAGAZINE October 2009

"London's smartest pizza delivery company " (Sunday Times)

''Skinny Pizza, a favourite of Lily Ciole, makes a delicious slice, that's full of flavour and brings out the best of Firezza's crispy base'' (The Hill)

" Firezza, had a host of models, including Lily Cole, tripping over theirs stilettos to get to their limited edition Skinny Pizza " (Daily Mail)

" ...posh pizza...' every Tuesday the mozzarella is flown over from Italy and the dough is made on the day, not frozen'... " (Metro)

"''If you're looking for excellent pizza, which is delivered to your door and made with top quality organic and gourmet ingredients, then look no further than Firezza'' "
(The London Reviewer)

''Firezza's wood-fired pizzas are ordered by the metre, so are ideal for parties. Do not worry they taste nothing like normal takeaways'' " (The Londonpaper)

" ''Seriously the best pizza you can ever get''-an oft heard claim regarding this ''impressive'' take-away chain; and the worst report-the food is ''always well-concieved, and well executed''.(Harden's 2009)

" ...this is a useful chain-name to remember. " (TATLERS Resturant Guide 2007)

" ZAGAT rated 2008 " (Zagat)

''Authentic Italian pizzas don't get better than this...'' (www.vewlondon.co.uk)

''Favourite option for many reporters.'' (Harden's 2008)

''...they promised delivery in 30 to 40 minutes: ours arrived in 22 minutes''
(Evening Standard Magazine)