Firezza - Demand Proper Pizza

Frock me she’s excited

This is what Hayley from FrockMeI'mFamous thought when we invited her along to taste the menu.

Firezza - Fire-baked PROPER pizza by the metre and crafted with passion!

I'm genuinely SO excited to share this post with you all; on Monday night I was invited to the Firezza Ealing site with some lovely bloggers; we sipped wine and ate ALL of the pizza (quite literally! They cooked 10 different ones for us to try!) so I went home V happy. We had the best evening chatting everything pizza related; from how many times we order each week (WAY to many in my case!), to where we like to eat, the atmosphere we enjoy in restaurants, it was just a super laid back evening over incredible food.

So, why am I telling you this? Well girls, in case you haven't heard about Firezza (don't worry if you haven't heard of them; I'd never before I was invited along on Monday), but that's why I'm here to share the exciting news with you all. So, for those of you who don't know, Firezza are a takeout/pizza delivery with 22 locations across the UK including London Bridge, Chelsea and Wimbledon amongst so many others (find your closest site here). We were fortunate enough to sit and chat to Edin; Firezza's wonderful founder - this man is so incredibly inspiring and so bloody passionate about good food and pizza; and trust me when I say it shows - everything we tried so god damn delicious!

I'm a big pizza fan and always have been - I have to say that it's probably mine and Ben's go-to if we're ordering a takeout or finding a good restaurant to dine in. But, I can honestly hand on heart say that the Firezza pizza was some of the best I've ever tried; it was so tasty but didn't leave that horrible bloating feeling. Oh, and in case I haven't already sold it to you then they cook pizza by the metre. BY THE METRE. Yup. You heard right!

So, what's new with Firezza? As I previously mentioned Firezza are currently a takeout/delivery service but they are opening a new restaurant in the heart of Soho on Dean Street and I genuinely kid you not when I say I'll be there on a weekly basis (if anyone's keen for pizza and wine, just holler because I'm ALL OVER IT). Edin's main drive is offering the best pizza in London but for an affordable price, he believes that simplicity is key. The restaurant will be the kind of place you can grab a bite to eat with pals post work and have some top craft beer or yummy wine but not have to be there for hours. The new menu will offer 10 different pizzas; 7 regular, 2 specials plus create your own (gluten free offerings too!); it's all about quality at great value.

Oh, and we just need to take a moment to discuss Cannoli because OHMIGOD HOW have I not tried them before? Well, before Monday that is; Edin introduced them to me and I think I've found my new obsession! If you haven't tried them; they are these incredible Italian pastries and they dip the ends in chocolate chips/pistachio.. delicious! Oh yeah, the best part? Firezza will be offering them for £1 each!! So you absolutely have to try one (or four!).


When is the launch? The restaurant will be opening on the 12th of April so get the date in your diaries gals!

Where can I find the Firezza Soho restaurant? Dean Street in Soho so the perfect location in central London!

What does Firezza offer? Fire baked pizza cooked by the metre from just £6 (!!), delicious craft beer from £3 and Fair-trade coffee from just £1.50. A great place to catch up with friends over some BLOODY GOOD affordable food.. can I get a Hallelujah?!

Their Antipasti's are bloody delicious and can be grazed on whilst waiting for your pizza to arrive! Two for £5 or three for £6!

Pizza cooked by the metre is ALWAYS a winner in my eyes!