Firezza - Demand Proper Pizza

London loves Firezza

So we launched our Dean Street Restaurant about 3 weeks ago now and we have had an amazing response. Thanks for turning out in your droves to support us. Here are some of the highlights.

Esquire have just given us their official seal of approval, listing us as one of 'London's Best Pizza Restaurants'. Pretty damn cool.

"Anyone familiar with the pizza ordering scene in London - so everyone in London, then - will know all about Firezza. They've been quietly ferrying proper pizza to the doors of people smart enough to eschew Dominos for years. Now, they've opened a parlour proper in the heart of Soho, and it's brilliant. Fresh and tasty as ever, you can kick back with a beer and enjoy your favourite order in a cool spot on the capital's best people watching street. It's probably the best value option on this list, too."*

Full article here

Facebook and Google reviews are pretty positive


Being Erica said her life would never be the same again:

“Pizza is the reason I will never be skinny, and i have absolutely made my peace with that wholly unreasonable fact. I’ve written about my love of pizza here many, many times before, and most recently shared with you my top five pizza joints in London. do you know how hard that post was to write, and how many taste tests and experiments I needed to complete in order to write that? I know, I’m a saint. still, that was then; this is now. because now I have been introduced to Firezza - the new "social pizza experience", and i can hand on heart proclaim that my life will never be the same again.” Being Erica Pizzaiolo Full blog post here

Rachel Phillips popped down and gave us her ringing endorsement.

"If there are just two of you (though I'd try to find a group of four for the best experience!) sharing a big pizza and you want to try a few things, you can choose to have a different lot of toppings on each half of your pizza. All of the ingredients are top notch, and I'd say Firezza's pizzas are for you if you like a soft (but still cooked and crisp), bready, doughy base loaded down with fresh toppings that are cooked, but don't lose their fresh flavours."

Proper pizza by the metre Full article here