Firezza - Demand Proper Pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't understand your pizza sizing - help!

You don't get something this unique, without it having a unique way of being sold! That's what makes Firezza that extra special.

We serve pizza by the metre, and it comes in two sizes (Half Metre and Quarter Metre). Think of them as 'Large' and 'Regular'. We don't serve the typical conveyor belt, round type. We serve traditional Neapolitan inspired pizza, so it comes as a square (or rectangle in the case of our Half Metre). If you visit Italy, you'd get what we are talking about (we're not suggesting you visit Italy just to understand our pizzas though, if you do though, please send us some nice pictures).

Our prices explained

There are two ways in which our pricing per pizza is shown.

  • Priced as part of a Half Metre (price shown per quarter metre)
  • Priced as an individual pizza (price shown per quarter metre)

The reason we show you the price per quarter vs. the full price? It's because every Half Metre pizza can be made as a Half 'n' Half option. When you add the two quarter metre prices together, you get your total. Use our online ordering system to avoid a calculator!

So how much pizza should I be ordering from you then?

That depends on the type of pizza eater you are, and your overall appetite. Here is a simple way of calculating how much to order..

  • Party of (per 10) or more | Order minimum five half metres + 5-8 sides
  • Family of 6 | Order two half metres, with 4 of our sides
  • Family of 4 | Order either two half metres on their own OR order one half metre, with 2-4 of our sides
  • Couple (x2) | Order a half metre, with 2 of our sides
  • Couple (x3) | You'd best order a bottle of vino to accompany your night ;-D
  • Solo Traveller | Order at least an individual quarter metre, or go for a Meal for One option

You say Pizza from £6, but the majority of your pizzas seem to be more expensive?

Our Margherita pizza is £5.95 if you come in to a store and collect. If you want that same pizza delivered, it will cost £7.95. However, remember that we don't take order under £10 online or over the phone. You'll need to collect.

Our pizzas on collection are still better than 2-4-1 at our major competitors. The prices ranges from just £5.95 all the way up to £7.95 for seasonal specials. Or try our Create Your Own Legend option for just £8.95. Our standard size pizza is bigger than the competitors, inch by inch vs. their standard 12-13" round pizzas.

I used to pay a one-off delivery charge, why has it changed to a delivery charge per pizza?

We want to be 100% transparent about our prices. The feedback we received was that delivery charges were confusing and that clear pricing should be a priority. So now we have made sure all delivery costs are included in the pizza prices. What you see - is what you get.

Why am I being charged £3 surcharge for delivery even though you said you have included delivery in the new pricing?

For starters, this is not a delivery charge. As we do not have delivery charges, because there are instead minimum delivery values built-in online. The £3 fee is a surcharge / admin fee to cover the additional costs of us delivering a smaller order. We have worked into our pricing that we can deliver any order over £14.45 with current delivery costs. We decided that it would be better to have this fee for some orders, than introduce a lower fee across every order.

The other option is to choose for collection of your pizza. This is by the far the best value option for smaller orders. We do also partner with takeaway delivery Apps. Maybe check them out to see if you can have your smaller order delivered by them for less.

What are your deals?

We bring you Proper Pizza from £6 for collection and £8 for delivery. All day. Every day. For a hand stretched 1/4m pizza, bigger than competitors 12" standard / medium pizza. If you check our our Specials section. You can also see our daily, weekly and all day value specials to take advantage of.

What is the Proper Pizza Revolution?

We believe proper pizza should be crafted with passion and fire-baked superfast. Proper pizza is the antidote to bad pizza. We say no to greasy stuffed crusts and dodgy ingredients. And down with confusing deals that require a calculator. Pizza should be simple, so we created a simplified menu of your favourites, with the same price every day, all day.

What happened to my favourite pizza?

If you're worried your favourite isn't on our menu, check out our Create Your Own Legend option. You can design the pizza of your liking with a base and toppings of your choice.