Firezza - Demand Proper Pizza

You can save up to 33% on pizza when you collect. Click 'Order Now' and choose 'Collection' to see the prices for collection.

Below are delivery prices only.

The price you see, is the price you pay

  1. We price our pizza, by the quarter metre. They are served in two sizes, Half Metre (Large) and Individual (Regular)
  2. For delivery, we give you a discount (20%) per quarter metre, when you order 2 minimum. They will come together on the same base, as a Half Metre.
  3. You can save up to 33% by opting for collection. Click 'Order Now' and choose 'Collection' to see the prices for collection.

Menu Key

£ Price Per Quarter (as part of a Half Metre) // £ Price Per Quarter (as an individual pizza)


£2 Toppings Pancetta, Porcini mushrooms, Cajun-spiced chicken, Taleggio, Sicilian style Sausage, Buffalo Salami, Tartufata Paste (Truffle), Buffalo Mozzarella D.O.P.

£1.50 Toppings Gourmet black olives (v), Fresh field mushrooms (v), Artichoke hearts (v), Gran Milano (v) (Hard Cheese), Mix Roasted Veg (v), Mozzarella (v), Slow roasted marinated tomatoes (v), Prosciutto cotto ham, Gyulai Pepperoni, 'Nduja (spicy, soft Calabrian sausage), Friarelli (v) (Italian wild broccoli), Wild Rocket (v), Pineapple (v), Sliced Potato (v), Red onion (v), Red pepper (v), Anchovies, Free range egg (v)

Free Toppings Garlic Butter (v), Fresh red chilli (v), Pesto (v) (contains nuts), Olive Oil (v), Oregano (v), Sea Salt (v), Tomato Sauce (v) (Red Base), Fresh Basil (v), Rosemary (v), Tarragon (v), Fresh Cream (v) (White Base), Vegan Cheese (v)

See our Terms and Conditions page for further details. If you need to check allergen information, download our current list.